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Do you have a printing or web project and would like to get a price quoted? Please use the form at the bottom of the page to enter your particulars. By providing this information, we can best give you your options and costs. Here is a guide to help describe your particular needs.

Description of the item. Brochure, business card, tickets.

Paper stock. The paper you would like your project printed on and the size of the piece.

Ink colors. Your job may require 1-5 ink colors or full process color. Is there printing on both sides? Does the color “bleed” off the edges? (Does the color reach the edge of your sheet?)

Quantity. Feel free to select several quantities for quotation purposes as higher quantities can often offer tremendous per piece savings.

Anything else that may apply. That may include folding, numbering, die cutting, security features and more.

Your Goals. This is the most important information we can have and yet usually the most difficult to get. As your printer we want to know about your company and what this project is intended to accomplish. The desired outcome can often change how we approach a particular job. When we understand a clients needs we can offer more effective, efficient solutions.

Deadline. A print job can take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks to complete. The key is to let us know your deadline up front so we can let you know if we can meet it. We do not overpromise … if we cannot meet your deadline you will be told upfront. And we never charge extra for rush orders.

If you don’t have all, or any, of the above required information, please feel free to call and let us help you through the process. That’s what we’re here for.

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